Apr 20, 2016

Advantages of booking a Photography & Videography Collection with one company

Advantages of Booking Photography & Videography Collection with Andrew Moore.

When it comes to your wedding day, you won’t want to miss a moment, so capturing all those special memories to preserve for years to come is top of most bride and groom’s list. But how do you ensure it’s all covered? The answer is more simple than you might think!

There are some clear advantages of booking photography & videography with Andrew Moore Photography & Perception Images. Wedding videography and photography are two very different types of media, but they can work together in perfect harmony, and I offer a combination of these two elements. Here are just some of the advantages of booking a photography & videography collection with me.

advantages of booking a photography & videography collection with one company


The personal touch

Although the advantages of booking photography and videography seem clear it’s not always something you first think about. A wedding is a private and emotional affair. Having worked in the wedding industry for several years, I have witnessed how a smaller team means a more relaxed ambiance and therefore less stress for the couple. Booking separate photographer and videography companies can often mean multiple people are involved, especially if both parties bring along assistants. Now imagine both groups moving around trying to capture moments from your ceremony. Distracting, right? By booking a dual collection with us all under one roof, you are ensuring that relaxed ambience as my small, professional team work away unobtrusively and efficiently to capture your big day without any complications. We know each other amazingly well and take pride in working as one team rather than two separate ones.  

Furthermore, preserving the finer details of your wedding is an intimate affair, and so getting to know and trust two separate parties can be tricky. Booking a photography and videography package with someone you trust means you get to know one team well, rather than two half heartedly.

1. Epic Thoughts – A perfect Blend of Photo & Wedding Film (Video) from Andrew Moore on Vimeo.

Effortlessly tell your story

Another one of the advantages of booking a photography & videography collection is that we will effortlessly tell your story. While photography and video work differently, together they tell a more complete story of the day.

Through photography, I capture those memorable, intimate, unforgettable moments, while in video, I create a real impression of your day, full of sentiment and unforgettable moments which you can relieve time and time again, perfectly preserved to show to future generations who can feel like they are reliving your special day when they watch it, offering a true perspective of your wedding day.

advantages of booking a photography & videography collection with one company

Two styles in perfect harmony

Both my wedding photography and wedding videos offer a unique and creative style, but most importantly, they complement each other. Your photographs and video will feel like they are two halves of one whole, rather than two completely separate elements. The colour, style, feel and tone will be equally reflected in your photos and video, to offer a true reflection of your special day.

Wedding Highlight Film Jon & Charlotte 27th June 2015 from Andrew Moore on Vimeo.

A unique touch

Using the services of a photographer and videographer means you can view things from multiple angles. All those precious moments, such as your groom’s reaction to seeing you for the first time, to the emotion your guests display as you say your vows. These little details add an extra dimension to the way your wedding day is recorded, meaning you can enjoy those finer moments time and time again.

advantages of booking a photography & videography collection with one company

Professional quality

advantages of booking a photography & videography collection with one company

With other advantages of booking photography and videography you can also expect not only the same style from both my photography and videography, but also the same professional quality is applied to both. Your wedding album will be a true representation of your day, while your video will deliver beautiful high definition cinematic footage you can enjoy in amazing quality on any screen.

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