May 5, 2016

Wedding accessories guide

When it comes to getting married, it tends to be all about the dress, but don’t neglect your accessories as these small but mighty finishing touches hold the power to totally transform your look. Michael Kors infamously said: “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” and if we live by this motto, then the accessories you choose for your wedding day are of the utmost importance.

Transform your bridal gown and let your personality shine through with our wedding accessories guide.

Wedding accessories guide

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are a stunning addition to your wedding style and hair do and when it comes to choosing them, the options are endless. For a more minimalist approach, complete your look with delicate pins, an elegant comb or intricate hairband. Or, be bold with a dropdown headpiece and evoke your inner Grecian goddess or choose a floral crown and channel A Midsummer Night’s Dream, all of which can be perfectly matched with a veil. The great news is that you may not need to search too far and wide for your hair accessories as many bridal shops now offer a wealth of choice, combined with expert guidance to help ensure you find a piece to perfectly complement your dress.

Wedding accessories guide

If the shoe fits

Marilyn Manroe was onto something when she stated: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Shoes hold the power to not only totally transform a look but also a woman’s attitude, so careful consideration should be given to your wedding day shoes, especially if you choose a short dress. Remember, you’ll be wearing these beauties all day, so they should combine both style and comfort. You may also want to consider purchasing a more practical pair of footwear should you wedding photos call for outdoor locations with uneven ground, grass surfaces or sand.

Wedding accessories guide

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Hands on

Pretty and chic, there is nothing quite as sophisticated as a dainty pair of gloves. Perhaps more suited to an adventurous bride or one with a penchant for vintage, gloves are one of the biggest style statements you can make and whether you choose elbow length, fingerless or coloured, you’re sure to create an impact in the fashion stakes.

Jewel purpose

There are two contrasting options in the wedding jewellery department; small delicate pieces, or bold statement choices. If you choose a beautifully bold necklace, make this the focus point of your accessories, keeping the rest of your look simplistic. Typically, brides wishing to evoke a true sense of sophistication go for delicate detailing with minimalist jewellery.

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Wedding accessories guide

Underneath it all

You wedding underwear should be well-fitting and stylish, with your choice primarily determined by the style of your dress. To help make sure your dress fits your perfectly, you’ll need to have purchased your underwear for your fittings, so it’s most-likely one of the first accessory options you’ll tick off your list. When it comes to getting it just right, consider your dress neckline, seams and colour, avoiding heavily embellished underwear underneath lightweight fabrics.

Wedding accessories guide

Whatever accessories you choose for your wedding day, evoke a true sense of your style and complement your wedding dress perfectly.



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