May 27, 2020

Weald of Kent Wedding with a Hammers Cake

The Wedding of Sean & Lauren at the Weald of Kent Golf Club and Hotel.

The warmth at this wedding shed a lovely glow even though there was a cold chill in the November air. Sean & Lauren celebrated their big day with family and friends at the Weald of Kent wedding venue. The grounds made such a stunning backdrop with a beautiful pond and geese walking freely around.

The happy couple;

How they met

Sean and Lauren met when they both worked for Kent County Council. Although they have both changed jobs since then, amazingly they moved to the same company. It was great getting to know these two. When I asked what else they have in common, aside from work, they said they both love to sleep and eat! Though Lauren also loves being pampered and Sean loves playing golf and watching all sport. Is that why you chose The Weald of Kent Golf course and Hotel for your wedding venue Sean?

The proposal

The proposal was on their 2 year anniversary. Rose petals and candles decorated their hotel room creating the perfect romantic setting but they both couldn’t stop laughing after Lauren said yes.

Why the Weald of Kent wedding venue?

They just fell in love with the venue when they viewed it.

What sort of experience did they want their guests to have?

An enjoyable experience, filled with love and laughter.

What did they feel was the best decision they made in their wedding planning?

It was having their rings made by Rings Rock.

What about the hardest decision?

Definitely the guest list!

It was such a great day and a fantastic winter wedding. Congratulations to you both!

For more information on wedding photography and videography contact Andrew 

For more information on wedding photography and videography contact Andrew 



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