Yes I love traveling and will happily cross the country and travel abroad to your wedding. 
Please contact me for further details. 

+ can I book you for a destination wedding ?

+ Do you have spare cameras just in case?

Yes of course.  I actually have 3 camera bodies on the day and many lenses that are interchangeable.  I generally have a back up for all my equipment just in case. 

Well that depends on the collection that you book but its normally around 400-500 images.  It also depends on your day, your venue, and how much dancing you do..... 

+ How many images do i get?





The cinematic short is a 4-6 film as part of a  videography collection that includes other elements where as the 10-12min highlight film accompanies a photography collection and is stand alone.  Contact me for a detailed breakdown.   


+ can I have a wedding film & take the photos from it?

No, although I frequently get amazing stills that I take from the filming it can be a matter of chance due to the way that wedding video is shot.  Wedding films are amazing but do not replace well taken photos.

Not if you have both with me... :-) We are used to working with each other & know each others moves.  We know 
where to stand & keep out of each others way.  We also pride ourselves on working well with all the suppliers.

+ will the videographer get in the way of the photographer?

if you have them




+ do we have the right to print any of our photos?

Yes you can print and copy your photos as much as like, in fact I can advise you on how to.  The only time you need permission is if you want to sell on for commercial gain .... to Hello magazine for example. 

Who Trevor?  Yes of course, I have insurance up to £5million and I am one of the first people to be a qualified pilot & I now teach others how to fly drones for filming/photography.   

+ Are you insured to fly your drone?