What to expect


I use the latest technology with some of the finest cameras and lenses in the world whilst keeping as small a foot print as possible on your day. I use only prime lenses which are fixed focal length giving that deep isolated look you see in professional photography. They also give me extra light so that I don’t have to blind you with flash all day long. 

I have always been drawn to people and love to have fun and I guess that is why I enjoy weddings so much – the overwhelming emotion, the family, the joy of everyone there. I am there to capture your wedding day in a natural fun and creative way, putting you at ease which is when people look their best. I really enjoy portraits and even stylised portraits as you may have noticed from my work. However, the real magic happens without planning and they are the photos that we truly cherish for a lifetime and the ones I seek to capture for you.


"You made it so much